Sponsor a Family this Thanksgiving.

Your donations bring holiday feasts to those in need in our communities.

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!


From all of us at Nourish Now, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


$35 - Feeds a Family of 1-2
$50 - Feeds a Family of 3-4
$65 - Feeds a Family of 5-6
$80 - Feeds a Family of 7 or more

Since 2013, Nourish Now has partnered with the Montgomery County Holiday Giving Project to provide all of the ingredients to prepare complete Thanksgiving feasts to those in need in Montgomery County. Our initial goal in 2013 was to provide meals for 2,000 people and we have steadily increased our goal each year since. Last year, we donated all of the fixings for Thanksgiving dinners to over 5,000 people in our community and we intend to exceed this goal again this year. But this can only happen with your help.

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